Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cleveland Pick Up

Seth McFarlane's creations aren't to everyone's taste, but he knows how to attract and entertain the demographic that counts (hint: it's between 18 and 35).

And apparently he's done it again:

Fox is rewarding "The Cleveland Show" with a second season even before the first season has begun.

The spinoff from the network's hit animated series "Family Guy" is scheduled to premiere next fall ... Fox says its boosting the initial 22-episode order by another 13 half-hours ...

The word I've received is that Fox liked the first shows that came back, made the judgment the series was going to be a winner, and acted accordingly.

I'll venture double speculations here: Not only will Fox bankroll another Simpsons movie or three when James Brooks and company finally get around to writing them, but they will front money to Mr. McFarlane to produce a Family Guy epic for the large screen.

Why? Because Fox knows the sound of gold coins showering down on its corporate roof when it hears it.


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