Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meanwhile Beyond the Seas ...

Star Trek makes a smaller splash in foreign markets, largely because it debuts on fewer screens in fewer places:

The foreign launch of "Star Trek" beamed up a solid rather than spectacular $35.5 million at over 5,000 playdates in 54 markets, winning in 23 territories in its opening weekend.

"Trek" topped the second frame of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which slid 59% to $29.7 million at 8,978 in 102 markets.

The revamped "Star Trek," which had never seen significant international traction in its 10 previous incarnations, scored a respectable $7,100 per-location average ...

Unlike the last couple of DreamWorks offerings, Monsters Vs. Aliens is running behind the feature's domestic totals by a considerable margin. The foreign totals come out to $143 million, 43.3% of it worldwide collections.

I donno. Maybe foreign eyeballs don't look kindly on San Francisco.


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