Saturday, May 09, 2009

Maytime Box Office Polka

Now with scintillating Add On.

Star Trek accelerates to hyper-drive, taking $24 million on Friday and $7 million at Thursday screenings to gin up $31 million in its first day and a half of release.

... "Star Trek" has spawned 10 feature films prior to the current installment beginning in 1979. The highest grossing "Star Trek" film to date remains 1986's "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" with $109.7 million at the domestic B.O. ...

Mid ship, Wolverine captures $8.5 million in its second-place finish, and #3 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past takes $3,135,000.

Monsters Vs. Aliens, now in ninth place, has so far accumulated $184,189,000 during its U.S. and Canada run.

Add On: Star Trek rockets atop the heap, collecting $76.5 million for its opening four days, $72.5 for the weekend.

Wolverine dives -68.3%, still picking up $27 million for a $129.6 million cume at the end of its second weekend.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past declines a mere -32.2%, picking up $10.5 million for a total of thirty and a quarter million dollars after two weekends at the b.o. derby.

Lastly, Monsters Vs. Aliens loses -41.8% of its box office clout, collects $3,378,000 as it lands at #8. MvA now has $186.9 million in the domestic kitty, a bit more than half its worldwide total.


Anonymous said...

When Will the Pegboard be updated? Its still showing January '09. Some of us international animation fans miss this interesting document!

Anonymous said...

I will go on the record here to say that the new Star Trek movie was a giant piece of garbage.

Anonymous said...

I disagree... For me, Wolverine was an unwatchable giant pile of garbage. Star Trek seemed to be more of a fun mess.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for going on the record Anonymous.

r said...

to Anon at 3:27

$75 Mill. over the weekend, $79 for the week....

How do you like them apples?


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