Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The SPMR* is very disappointed

Above: 1105 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank, circa 2006 ...

Above: 1105 N. Hollywood Way as of this morning. (TAG's New Place ... and someday soon we will move here.)

* The Society for the Preservation of Mansard Roofs† ...

†... although they really weren't Mansard roofs (they only had one slope per side).


Anonymous said...

The Society for the Demolition of Ugly Tan Stucco Buildlings in Burbank sez GOOD ON YA, MATE!

Mansard facades (not real mansard roofs, as you stated) inn Burbank are hideous, and it's time to demolish them all.

Anonymous said...

Which one is the new building?

Oh, I see the date... it's the bottom picture.

Just kidding.

Hooray for S.C.A.N.S.S.O.N.

(Society for Construction of Attractive New Structures in Shlubby Old Neighborhoods.)

Anonymous said...

Notice how the new building gets rid of smog and makes the sky blue and clear? Cool!

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