Saturday, May 16, 2009

Box Office Ave Maria

Now with heavenly Add On

To the astonishment of nobody, Angels and Demons finishes Numero Uno on Friday.

Adults outnumbered fanboys at the multiplex Friday as Sony's "Angels and Demons" drew an estimated $16.6 million ...

Bowing nearly three years ago to the day, "Da Vinci" marked career opening records at the domestic box office for both Howard and Hanks with a first day gross of $28.6 million and a weekend of $77.1 million.

Angels won't be tearing up the wickets the way Da Vinci did, but then, the underlying material isn't the red hot best seller that Da Vinci was.

The rest of the pack finished about as you would expect on a balmy springtime evening: Star Trek dropped a mere 33% to land at #2 with $11.9 million, while Wolverine glommed on to $4.9 million in the show position (#3).

In ninth place, Monsters Vs. Aliens approached the $190 million marker. It now has $188.1 million in the domestic till.

Add On: Angels and Demons ends its opening aria a wee bit short of what Sony was hoping for, but still performs nicely with $48 million.

Second place Star Trek takes a plunge, bagging $43 million as it descends. And #3 Wolverine claws out $14.8 million for a $151 million total.

Three of the Top eight features stand north of $140 million. Monsters Vs. Aliens ends the weekend in eighth place, takes in $3 million and now stands at $190.5 million domestically.


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