Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Work For Free?

This happy notice showed up on Cartoon Brew the end of last week:

Deferred payment 1st episode (no-pay), action/adventure series, Cartoon Network, paid assignments and/or production contract after 1st episode.

Quick update from Your Truly: We have contacted Cartoon Network about this Craig's List love letter. A CN exec told us he had no clue to what this was about. (They don't communicate real well over there, do they? Or maybe there was no communication because whoever placed the ad was less than honest about their actual connection with CN.)

Any company that has employees working for free is breaking the law. Forget about "union contracts," how about federal (and state) statutes?

To cut to the chase: CN employees who are not being paid should contact TAG immediately, and we will file grievances like yesterday.

And we'll do it with gusto and enthusiasm.

Oh, and we should point out that working for free for ANYONE, union or nonunion, is usually a very bad idea. Unless your time and talent really are worthless.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Its probably just someone who wants to make a pilot and then pitch it, and lure in unsuspecting animators to make it. This is Craigslist we're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is using Craig's list to get free labor? Stop the presses!

Journeyman said...

Speaking of working for free , a YouTube video really nails it:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2a8TRSgzZY"We didn't really budget for this ..."


"C'mon work with me here ... ok, let me make some phone calls and I'll see if I can get you 8.50"


(Guy says: "So... basically you want me to work for FREE?")

Woman answers: "Oh, no I wouldn't ask you to work for free ... it's just a TEST... think of it as a test, then you can roll the cost over into the next time ."


"Ok we'll pay you this time , but we're going to need you to do is show us how you made it so we can do it on our own in-house from now on."

My 2 Cents said...

Brilliant! It's that crypto-religious American Dream psychology; anyone with the right kind of brilliant idea can become rich, and if you are a true believer you will help them for free. It's your patriotic duty.

It reminds me of that reality show with the inventions. It's amazing what stupid ideas people had that they convinced themselves would make them rich.

Aspiring genius creatives have Craig's list.

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