Friday, May 08, 2009

A Mill

Not in money, but in site visits.

A few years ago, a prolific cartoon producer said to me: "So you're blogging, hunh?"

I allowed as how we were, adding: "I have no idea what I'm doing, or where this is going ..."

He said: "Well, keep doing it. See what develops."

And here we are, three-plus years further along. And what's developed is history, art, current events, and day-to-day unionism, most of it relating to animation.

Also a large helping of my cynical snark.

And now we've reached a million pairs of eyeballs. This is very small potatoes for any piddling viral You Tube video that you click on, but quite handsome for us.

It's been fun, but I've found blogger Duncan Black words to be very true:

"Blogging is easy. Blogging a long time is hard."

So. Happy million to us. (This first post? It seems like a long time ago. We didn't believe in paragraph tags then.)


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