Monday, May 11, 2009

The MegaCollector's Quick Draw McGraw

Above, a color model sheet for Quick Draw McGraw, "the high-falutin'est, fastest shootin'est, cowboy you ever saw", and his sidekick who appears to have had a name change to Baba Looey after the original drawing was completed.

We're not sure who did the model sheet, but the above drawing of "El Kabong" is by Dick Bickenbach.

(I used to watch animation veteran Tony Rivera lay out a Quick Draw short in his home studio when I went over to the house to take piano lessons from Tony's wife Mary. It was 1960, I was eleven years old, and Hanna-Barbera -- all of 2 1/2 years old -- was roaring. And Tony was cranking out the work in his home office using an animator's desk and a lucigraph. He laid out a short per week. Exciting days, long-gone days. -- Steve Hulett)

Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey © Hanna-Barbera.


Michael Sporn said...

I think it has to be 30 years since I last heard anyone refer to a lucigraph. You've brought memories back.

Floyd Norman said...

This kid was lucky enough to work with Tony Rivera back in the seventies at Hanna-Barbera on a number of crappy TV shows.

Tony was a member of our crew, which sound slightly ridiculous because he had forgotten more than we kids would ever know.

Mr. Rivera was a delight to work with. Never complaining about anything, all the while doing awesome work. You gotta love the old guys.

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