Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Later Night Animation

The Sony animated half-hour is gone, but Turner Broadcasting has stepped into the breach:

TBS is making its first forays into original animation ... network executives announced at their annual upfront presentation to advertisers on Wednesday. The animated half hour Neighbors From Hell, executive produced by Jeffrey Katzenberg, will follow a family of four who have been relocated to Houston from the underworld. (The net already runs syndicated episodes of Family Guy, but Hell will mark its first original animated program.)

Family Guy, you might recall, clawed its way back into the Fox network's primetime lineup by pulling big numbers on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim after it got cancelled. Also by selling a bajillion DVDs.

Soon thereafter, an empire was born.

I'm sure Turner is hoping for a breakout hit from Neighbors. We'll find out if the hopes are well-founded soon enough.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention another animated series in development for the network. I believe its called "Big Tow."

Anonymous said...

While this may indeed be the first TBS animated series, it is by no means their first animated program. That honor goes to "The Butter Battle", produced for TBS by Ralph Bakshi, from the book by Dr. Seuss in 1988.

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