Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Drawing the Line .. from Animation to Visual Effects

President Emeritus Tom Sito's book, Drawing the Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Unions from Bosko to Bart Simpson has been held up as a premiere chronicle for labor and animation enthusiasts wanting to learn about the history of animation in the United States.

Recently, Jeff Heusser of FX Guide took the afternoon to speak with President Emeritus Tom Sito about his book and how it relates to the current drive to organize visual effects.

In this blogger's opinion, what is defined as CGI or Visual Effects was born from traditional animation. The transition from animated features, to visual effects using animation techniques to the introduction of computers to the medium, a direct history can be followed through the two art forms.

Equally, the visual effects industry's labor force is facing the same struggle that the animation artists of earlier times fought hard to overcome. Jeff Heusser shines a light on the similarities in his conversation with Tom Sito, which you can find at this link.


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