Thursday, February 03, 2011

Long-Haired Girl Watch

Slightly dated news, but Tangled does well in Britain.

"The King's Speech" enjoyed a three-week reign at the top of the UK box-office, but ... "Tangled" proved too strong, given its £5m-plus opening, and so moves down to make way.

The "Tangled" result follows similar success in many international territories, notably Germany and France, where it's taken 26.4million Euros and 22.8million Euros respectively. ...

So that puts Tangled up around $450 million in worldwide grosses.

(But of course, it's still in the red. It will always be in the red. Just ask the trolls.)


Charles K. said...

In all fairness Steve, if Freakazoid! tells me to always go for a percentage of the gross, not net, then I have to assume he's learned from his own mistakes.:P

Anonymous said...

Man, it's doing pretty damn good. And it's a princess movie. Go figure.

Steve Hulett said...

But do you have the leverage to get a percentage of gross? That's the question.

And what are the Disney internals on the picture's cost? Without knowing these things, we can't be certain when Tangled reaches break-even.

Anonymous said...

For me the take away isn't that "Tangled" itself didn't make money, but it's that the type of movie that Tangled is *can*. There's no good reason that movie should have cost what it did. Take the budget for the last 2 years and use that for actual cost... all the money before that is what happens when a film isn't properly produced / directed.

Floyd Norman said...

Nobody wants to see a princess movie.

Anonymous said...

Nobody want to see a 2D princess movie.

Anonymous said...

Utter nonsense, people want good princess movies whether in 2d, 3d, or cgi. You can't determined what people want because there will always films that surprises everyone of what they thought they had wanted. Those films that do always have the same thing in common. A good, strong story, characters, and heart from those who make it. Sometimes they make money, sometimes they don't but when people look back on them they understand what they enjoyed.

This might a bit of fluff to most of you but for those of us that believe this are the ones who will keep animated films alive.

2d can survive (that's a fact proven around the world) but you need the effort and patience.

"nobody wants to see a princess movie."

"nobody wants to see a 2d princess movie."

I want to see a 2d princess movie. I am not an animator. I am part of the general public. And personally I would love to see disney do more grimm fairy tales disney style. There's still plenty for them to do. You can never run out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

"You can't determined what people want because there will always films that surprises everyone of what they thought they had wanted."

Once I finally got past that sentence (after having to reread it several times), I couldn't pay attention any longer because the fanboyishness of it all was too overwhelming.

Being a fanboy myself on the side of my dayjob as animator, it's really irritating when you people come to a place like this and talk like that. It's because of people like you that "fanboys" are so harshly looked down upon in this industry.

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