Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Three Days Old ...

... but I dredge it up anyway.

Somehow I zoned out on these factoids. They're near the spoilage date, but I relay them anyway.

* Opening No. 5 in France was ... German-made animation title Animals United 3D, which drew $1.8 million from 500 spots. ...

* ...Yogi Bear opened No. 8 in France and No. 5 in the U.K. ($2.9 million from 453 sites), and drew $10.3 million overall on the weekend from some 4,700 screens in 42 territories. Cume stands at $61.2 million ...

* [Tangled] opened No. 2 in South Korea, taking $2.6 million ... the second biggest opening weekend ... for a Disney animation title. Spain threw off $4.4 million for a market cume of $10.7 million. The U.K. generated $3.1 million for a market cume of $21.7 million. Tangled now ranks as the 20th biggest grossing animation title ever released.

My take-away is that A) animation is highly viable worldwide, B) 3-D and animation are a good match (but I'll be avoiding them together) and C) more studios and movie companies are going to dive into animated feature. (It's higher profit than jobbing visual effects, isn't it?*)

* Only if you make one that audiences want to see. Otherwise it can sink you.


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