Sunday, February 13, 2011

Foreign Horse Races

On the live action side:

... After opening the Berlin Film Festival, True Grit launched over the weekend in 16 territories, grossing $8.3 million for a total foreign cume of $14.5 million. The biggest showing came in the U.K., where True Grit grossed $2.7 million ...

And over on the other side of the fence with animation:

... Over the [last] weekend [Tangled] added $23.90 million on 5186 screens in 42 markets for a total of $288.33 million internationally and $479.40 million worldwide. At this point next week it will have $300 million internationally and $500 million worldwide. ...

When all the theater tickets and DVD/ Blu Ray sales are tallied, the Long-Haired Girl will be comfortably into profits. (I say this, of course, without knowing what the actual internal costs of the picture are. But I can pull profit-and-loss statements from my large intestine with the best of them.)

And that's not counting the money the picture takes in from merchandising, games, and television licensing. All in all, Tangled has turned out to be much more of a cash-flow generator than Diz Co. dared hoped back before the picture's launch. But whatever else it is, the feature is one more feather in John Lasseter's plumage-heavy hat.


Anonymous said...

True Grit is one of the best films to come along in years.

Locall said...

Tangled already has a foreign take of 310 million, and it's worldwide total stands at 503.291.000, check boxofficemojo

Anonymous said...

"Westerns are dead" ... until they aren't.

"Princess movies are dead" ... until they aren't .

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