Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Matt O'Callaghan Interview -- Part II

Before Jim Carrey was Jim Carrey!!, he was "James" doing voice work for this O'Callaghan directed short ...

TAG Interview with Matt O'Callaghan

*Click to listen in your browser. Right-Click and Save to download to your computer to listen later.

Find all TAG Interviews on the TAG website at this link

(Watching this, you can understand why Matt O'Callaghan was tapped by Warner Bros. to direct the studios new incarnations of The Coyote and Road Runner.)


Juz Capes said...

Hi, really getting a lot out of these interviews, fantastic stuff.

The Audio File Link appears to be the same 'Part 1' Audio file at the moment.

I eagerly await to listen to Part 2.

- Tim Sormin - said...

Yes, the link is wrong, but the second part IS uploaded already. Just replace the "1" at the end with a "2" and listen to the second part.

Steve Hulett said...

Corrected. (The technical glitches DO sometimes occur ...)

Steven Kaplan said...

Indeed they do. As Tim pointed out, I didn't correct a copy/paste when putting the audio link in the post.

Apologies to all.

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