Thursday, February 03, 2011

IATSE's First Open Visual Effects Meeting

As we've written about frequently, the effort for organizing Visual Effects has been waged in local eateries and taverns where meetings with artists from specific studios have taken place. This grass-roots approach, with the help of a renewed effort on the part of artists to consider their stake in the industry, has brought the option of portable health and pension benefits through a collectively bargained contract to a large number of visual effects artists in the Los Angeles area.

For as much success these meetings have been, the availability of regular and public meetings has been requested so artists can discuss these options among a larger and more diverse group.

Rather than rent out moldy old meeting halls, Jim Goodman (the IATSE's Visual Effects Organizer) is answering this request and holding his first open meeting for visual effects artists in a sun drenched park near Santa Monica's beach on Sunday February 13th at 1:00pm.

Come meet your fellow artists, as well as Jim Goodman of the IATSE, and organizers from Locals 700, 800 and myself at the Dorothy Green park near the corner of Ocean Park Boulevard and Barnard Way.

From his invitation, Jim writes:

This will be an opportunity to meet other artists working at other nearby companies; to compare working conditions, benefits (or the lack thereof), overtime policies, 1099 practices (it's TAX TIME), in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We'll be handing out Nerf footballs and frisbees and provide soft drinks and snack foods. Feel free to bring a picnic basket.

We'll try for the picnic tables which are about 100 yards North of Ocean Park Avenue. Or, we'll spread some blankets on the ground and enjoy the California sunshine.

Hope to see you there.

Follow this link to a map where the meeting will be held. We look forward to seeing you there.


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