Sunday, February 27, 2011

Foreign Box Office

In the midst of Oscar Mania, the boodle from foreign box office keeps flowing in.

Films in various categories of Oscar contention took center stage on the foreign theatrical circuit on the weekend ... Dwarfing the foreign grossing power of all other Oscar-related films are the two genuine blockbusters with multiple nominations this year. One is Pixar Disney's animation entry, Toy Story 3 ... which grossed more than $1 billion worldwide ...

Racking up $7.8 million ... in 38 territories was Warner Bros.' Yogi Bear, pushing the animation title's foreign cume to $90.75 million. Disney and other distributor's animation-musical outing Gnomeo & Juliet (No. 1 in its third U.K. round) pushed its foreign cume, via various distributors, to $17.6 million after an estimated $7.8 million weekend.

Foreign grosses for animated features continue to be abundant. Besides the specimens above, there is:

Tangled -- $343,000,000

Megamind -- $170,430,367

Despicable Me -- $293,000,000

Shrek Forever After -- $511,216,000

You will note that all these features earned money that was north of $170 million. Which is why animated movies continue to be produced at a lively clip.


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