Monday, February 07, 2011

Fourteen artists, lots of fun

Gallery 839's opening show for 2011 drew what may have been our largest opening-night crowd ever. The works of Vicki Banks, Lee Crowe, Frank Forte, Bob Foster, Brigitte Franzka-Fritz, Yelena Geodakyan, Peter Gullerud, Alex Kube, Ashley Long, Christine Mallouf, Joey Mason, Marc Perry, Charles Pickens and Toni Vian were shown to a crowd of at least a hundred and fifty.

Five or six pieces were sold, which means the gallery's record remains intact -- at least one piece has been sold from every show we've had since we opened the Gallery a year ago.

Congrats to the artists and thanks to the crowd!


yahweh said...

I don't know about anyone else, but the auto-slideshows you're embedding make your web-site load slowly and freeze up (as well as it doing the same to my entire browser).
Why don't you go back to a lower tech and allow viewers to just click through the images if they want....

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