Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Film Roman of Starz Media

After a break for out-of-state business, I have swung back into the usual round of studio visits. A couple of mornings ago, I trucked up to Film Roman by the Bob Hope airport ...

Just now there are a number of empty cubicles and desks at FR.

Marvel, occupying a corner of the building, has completed the lion's share of its Super Hero Squad and The Avengers episodes, and most of the staff is gone, with directors left in larger offices shepherding the post-production work through to completion. (Boyd Kirkland was working for Marvel until about a month ago; people are still in shock about his passing. One of them told me: "He never had oxygen cannisters at his desk, he was afraid he might not get work if he had them ...")

On The Simpsons, a number of staffers are on hiatus and management staggers the creation of shows and cycles crew on and off, as needed. As one veteran told me:

"I start a three-week layoff next week. Management is being real cost-conscious about who sticks around. When your show rotation is done, they want you out of here ..."

Word was circulated to FR staffers that the sale of the company by Starz Media has now been suspended, and there are no new talks or negotiations. A Film Roman administrator said:

"There were a couple of issues that ended up being sticking points. One of them was the lease of the building. It's a long lease that isn't cheap, and apparently it wasn't going to be shortened ..."

So at the present time, Film Roman remains part of the Starz family. (It was last October that word went out that the company was sold.) My guess is that the company will be traveling the frugal route for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Will Disney TV Animation ever take over producing the animation for the Marvel properties?

Steve Hulett said...

That's a question that is known but to Disney ... and God.

Certainly not me.

Anonymous said...

what about Dan Vs? I hear it's doing pretty well on The Hub.

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