Monday, February 14, 2011

IATSE VFX Meeting at the Beach

As was announced last week, Jim Goodman held his first public informative meeting for Visual Effects artists yesterday at the Santa Monica beach.

A score and more artists were in attendance to ask questions and hear about the efforts to date from Mr. Goodman. Artists expressed their concerns about the lack of communication via the internet as well as echoing concerns about costs and outsourcing that have been posted about regularly. Jim was able to provide answer those pressing questions while affording himself the opportunity to schedule an interview with Jeff Heusser who was in attendance.

While some have classified the attendance as poor, I feel this was a big success for the organizing effort and for artists. In looking on how far the organization effort has come, its easy to see movement forward and want a step to be a leap. However, this blogger can not help but be proud to see as many people gathered and passionate about their futures as I witnessed.

I enjoyed meeting new people and speaking to the attended group as well as to individuals. I look forward to the next such meeting and in continuing my efforts to help Jim bring organization to the artists of Visual Effects.


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