Saturday, November 19, 2011

Animated Linkage

The Reporter handicaps Oscar prospects for various animated features.

Creator of DangerMouse passes on, (and John Hambley eulogizes him.) ...

The question is asked: Will this be the last year for the Motion Picture Academy's "Best Animated Feature" category? (Obvious answer: No.)

Hong Kong's Next Media Animation loves its New York City crime stories.

DreamWorks Animation with optimistic prospects ... and the gloom and doom side. (We think it hits the $150-$160 million domestic marker, gut now knows?)

Some early tub-thumping for Pixar's Brave (and the longer trailer is out Tuesday.)

Story Master Mark Kennedy writes of creating believable worlds in animated features.

Hit Fix catalogues possible contenders for the Animated Shorts Oscar race, and comes up with 45 candidates.

Have a glorious Sunday, and return to work refreshed.


Anonymous said...

TinTin and Cars2... seriously?

Anonymous said...

Cars 2? On the oscar list at THR? An Improvement on the original?

Welcome to the twilight zone!

Anonymous said...

Happy Feet 2 and Arthur Christmas ... seriously? They're just as lame as Cars 2 and Tintin. After they both tank, let's see what happens to the awards buzz. Look for a late push from Rio and Puss in Boots.

Anonymous said...

THR is betting on two animated films that 6 out of 10 critics panned (Cars 2 and HF2) and a creepy, drifty-eyed mo-cap mess to make the cut. Is the Best Animated Feature category really that much of a pathetic ghetto?

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