Monday, November 07, 2011

Target Dates

... As in funds.

Investor understanding of target-date funds is high-including what the "date" in a target-date fund's name actually means and how the asset-allocation strategy for a target-date fund becomes more conservative over time, according to a survey released today by Global investment management firm AllianceBernstein.

The bad news: Slightly over 50% of that same survey group mistakenly believe that using target-date funds will guarantee that their retirement income needs will be met. ...

In TAG 401(k) meetings, I recommend the Vanguard Target Funds for people who want to deal with their 401(k) investments as little as possible.

I also recommend the Vanguard funds because they are incredibly inexpensive: 17 to 19 basis points.


But my advice about Target Funds? Ignore the years attached to them and concentrate on the asset allocations. You want mostly bonds? Then opt for the VG Target Retirement Income Fund, with a 70% bond, 30% stock allocation. If a 50%/50% stock-bond split is more your style, then Vanguard Target Retirement 2010 is what you want.

And so on.

But I would definitely agree with the observations up top. Don't expect money you tuck away into a 401(k) Target fund to cover all living expenses in your Seasoned Citizen years. You'll need investment income, Social Security cash flow, and perhaps something from a monthly pension or annuity to round things out.

Upcoming TAG 401(k) Enrollment Meetings

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Jason MacLeod said...


Great post on personal finance as usual. Can one predict the market? No - but you can control your costs and the Vanguard funds are the best way to do that within the Guild's array of 401k investment choices.

The best way to plan for the future is to start today. If you're not enrolled in the Guild's 401k plan, why not attend one of the meetings Steve lists above and get the ball rolling?


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