Sunday, November 27, 2011

Box Office Receipts in Foreign Lands

... Where animation continues to roll along:

... Arthur Christmas drew $11.9 million from some 4,000 screens in 24 markets, lifting its early foreign cume to $22.3 million. ... The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn, flew past the $200-million foreign gross total mark over the weekend ($207 million). ... Second weekend of overseas play [for Happy Feet 2] generated $10 million from some 3,700 screens in 27 markets, lifting the early cume to $14 million. ...

Puss In Boots, which generated a total of $9 million overall on the weekend at 1,097 venues in 13 markets. ... Real Steel, the sci-fi-action vehicle starring Hugh Jackman, drew $5.1 million on the weekend in its eighth round of foreign release in 45 markets. ... Disney’s The Lion King 3D, $67.1 million ... Fox’e Rise of the Planet of the Apes, $306 million ...

So there seems to be market oomph for mo-cap, cg animation, hand-drawn animation, and the myriad hybrid stuff. Which means there are ongoing employment opportunities for those with the requisite skills.

(Disney will be turning more of its hand-drawn feature catalogue into 3-D long-forms. Beauty and the Beast, converted to dimensional cinema before Lion King, will now get a wider release in the New Year. Money talks.)


el diablo said...

12M opening for AC....ouch!


Anonymous said...

Can't somebody just shoot Tin Tin dead between the (dead, uncanny) eyes???

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