Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hasbro Prospers

During this week's sprint through various animation studios, I talked to a t.v. animation executive who complained about having a tough time finding qualified artists. I noted that the current growth of television animation might have a lot to do with it, since almost every studio seems to be ramping up and adding staff. For instance:

... [T]he October ratings of The Hub, in which Discovery Communications is Hasbro's partner, in the kids 2-11 demo where ... found its best total day viewership and tripled ratings over the year-ago performance of what was then known as Discovery Kids. ...

Lots of artists tell me that work is more plentiful than one ... two ... or three years ago. I can't think of any television animation studio that's shrinking. Disney TVA now occupies two floors of the Sonora Building in Glendale, and two floors in the Yahoo Building near the Bob Hope Airport. Nick occupies four different buildings in Burbank. Warner Bros. Animation -- a ghost town three years ago -- is now bursting at the seams, with one of its shows moving out of Warner Ranch due to lack of space.

So it's nice to see Hasbro gaining success in Cable land. The more animation producers that prosper, the better it is for animation artists searching for work.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how well My Little Pony is doing. That seems to be the show that gets alot of attention lately.

Although, even though it's part of Hasbro Studio's lineup, it's actually produced in Vancouver at Studio B.

TotalD said...

3d or 2d?

Anonymous said...

Did you erase my comment?

Steve Hulett said...

Not me, bro.

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