Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Cornucopia

I haven't been paying attention, but I guess cartoons are abundant on my t.v.

... [T]his weekend, we can collapse on the couch in front of no fewer than five new, mostly holiday-themed television cartoons. Add broadcasts of the films “Horton Hears a Who!” (NBC, Thursday) and “Shrek the Third” (ABC, Friday), and prime time lives up to Fox’s Sunday-night boast: animation domination. ...

With, of course, more animated specials -- both old and new -- coming in December.

I'm happy that the powers behind the Big Desks have figured out that holiday animation makes our fine conglomerates Big Money. (Much like other kinds of animation.) You won't find any Burl Ives revival on the live-action side of cable or broadcast television, but his voice-work in stop motion animated specials are with us still.

And likely forever.

Count me as one who wants to see as much television animation occur as possible, just like I want to see as many awards for animation as possible. It's especially good if the awards -- like the specials -- are televised. Because it tends to hoist animation's profile and profitability.

And makes more employment happen.

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