Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dancing Apes

Magilla Gorilla was a Hanna-Barbera staple in the go-go sixties. Here we have animation poses of the twinkle-toed ape from the talented pencil of Irv Spence. ...

Add On:

Irv Spence was a veteran MGM animator who jumped to Hanna-Barbera when Joe and Bill got the operation running. (Other drawing of Mr. Spence can be viewed here and here and here.)

These drawings come, naturally enough, from the extensive animation library of the Mega Collector.

(Kindly note: As I post this, I realize there is a middle drawing missing from the series ... that I will put up tomorrow. Drawing 41. So why do I put this up NOW? Because I'm impatient.)

Add On: And the missing post is now UP.


Chris Sobieniak said...

"Don't you want a new gorilla you can call your own, a gorilla will be with you when you're all alone!"

TotalD said...

Irv Spence, father of the Tom and Jerry air scramble. Brilliant animator.

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