Monday, November 21, 2011

Recap: CTN 2011

We've just finished putting away the boxes and materials from this weekends CTN Animation Expo. Once again, Tina Price and the Creative Talent Network have outdone themselves in organizing and staging this special event.

As we mentioned previously, we were fortunate to have been placed close to the entrance to the hall. This gave us the opportunity to be one of the first tables visited by the attendees who entered the hall.

We spoke to students, enthusiasts, members, and many more. Topics ranged between what the union does to how to enroll in the TAG 401k. We look forward to continued participation of this must-attend animation event.

Please enjoy some pictures that we took wandering the exhibition floor.


Floyd Norman said...

Another great show and you guys done good.

See 'ya next year.

Anonymous said...

There were some significant organizational and execution issues this year, but overall it was still a good show. Here's hoping Tina and her team get some honest feedback about what didn't work well along with what did. Looking forward to next year.

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