Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Huck and Yogi

From our companion and true amigo The Mega Collecter comes this Hanna-Barbera storyboard from the 1959-1960 period ...

As Mega describes it, this is a short board for an interstitial. Neither Mega nor I know who drew this collector's piece. But the work is a good example of the clean, minimalist style of storyboards in television animation's first "Golden Age." No mini-layouts here! Just straight-ahead, character stuff.

We will be displaying other jams and jellies from M.C. in the near future.


Sherm said...

What a treat to look at these examples of beautiful hand-drawn cartoon storyboards from a simpler time. Looking at these gives my eyeballs a nice break from the cold, cold Cintiq!

Thanks to you and The Mega Collecter for the scans :)

Stephen Worth said...

That's Warren Foster's handwriting.

Floyd Norman said...

I truly miss doing work like this.

Storyboarding use to be a joy and now it's a grind. I'm glad I'm out of it.

Anonymous said...

I agre with Floyd.

Unfortunately that seems to be a fact in almost every endeavor in this business nowadays.

Everything used to be fun....and now....well.....it's just sad.

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