Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mojo Tracks DWA Box Office

Box Office Mojo tracks DreamWorks Animation's Fall features.

Domestic Grosses

Madagascar 2 (2008) -- $180 million

Shark Tale (2004) -- $160.9 million

Megamind (2010) -- $148.4 million

Puss In Boots -- (2011) -- $130.9 million

Compared to the other DreamWorks cartoon features above, Puss ranks at the bottom of the stats, but is still above Bee Movie and the Aardman co-production Flushed Away. (Aardman co-productions seem to have rough sledding at the U.S. box office, witness Arthur Christmas's current rollout.)

One thing to keep in mind about the swashbuckling kitty: PIB is only about 28% of the way through its domestic theatrical run. All the other candidates had theatrical lives of 14-16 weeks. Puss in Boots is now in week #4.

And though the cat had an opening half the size of Madagascar 2, it dropped a mere 3% in its second weekend, while Mad plunged 44.5%.

So Puss has a ways to travel, and will probably end up ahead of the middle of the pack by the time all ticket receipts are counted. And of course, there is still foreign box office to tally up. Expect 55-65% of the final total to originate from there.


Anonymous said...

Prince of Egypt $101, 413,188.

Road to el dorado $50,863,742.

That horse cartoon: $73,000,000.

Antz. $90, 757, 863.

Sinbad $26,483, 452.

Chicken run $107,000,000

Anonymous said...

could be wrong, but wasn't Antz released in the summer?

Anonymous said...

Antz was released Oct. 2, 1998.

Anonymous said...

Antz was released before A Bug's Life? I had no idea. Does John Lasseter know this?

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