Thursday, September 26, 2013

And Still More New Shows

The cavalcade never ends.

Nickelodeon is expanding its original programming with a slew of new orders.

The kids cable network greenlighted animated series Bad Seeds, from SpongeBob SquarePants' C.H. Greenblatt, and Pig Goat Banana Cricket, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Both series, which will be produced through Nickelodeon Animation Studio, have received 26-episode pickups. ...

A few years back, Nick was charging forward with a myriad of CG shows. But these two newer entries are of the hand-drawn variety, which carries Nick back to its roots.

No executives are talking (at least, to us) but we suspect that the reason Nickelodeon is back-tracking to the old-fashioned ways is because

1) Hand-drawn animation gets ratings as good as or better than CG shows on the t.v.

2) Hand-drawn shows are less costly than their computer generated cousins.

Either way, we're happy Bad Seeds and Pig Goat Banana Cricket are being produced, because more cartoon production means more work for cartoon artists. Which tends to make cartoon artists happy.


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