Friday, September 13, 2013

Mega Collector's Flintstones

Visting Mega yesterday, I was shown a trove of storyboards for Show #1 from Season #1 of The Flintstones. These were drawn by cartoon veteran Dan Gordon, and as Wikepedia relates:

Gordon had some experience with cartoon cavemen, having worked on the “Stone Age” series of animated shorts for the Fleischer Brothers Studio back in 1940. Although many talented people had a part in creating what would become The Flintstones, Bill Hanna generously points to Gordon. “Now you may not get the same response from anybody else, Bill Hanna recalls, ”but to me, Dan Gordon is responsible for The Flintstones. He came up with the basic concept of doing it with cavemen in skins.”[11] And Joe Barbera recounts in his autobiography that, ”the first two Flintstones were the work of Dan Gordon and myself; I controlled the content, and Dan did the storyboards.” ...

I photographed Mr. Gordon's handiwork with my smart phone, so the quality is ... shall we say? .. a wee bit in-and-out. But the images give you a chance to see what boards were like at the dawn of prime-time animated t.v. shows, circa 1960.

Somewhat different than today, yes?


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