Sunday, September 22, 2013

Your International Box Office

Turbo continues to zoom along in foreign markets.

Foreign Weekend Grosses -- (Worldwide Totals)

Smurfs 2 -- $14,100,000 -- ($307,349,842)

Turbo -- $12,300,000 -- ($173,229,335 )

Despicable Me 2 -- $10,300,000 -- ($854,045,880)

Planes -- $7,200,000 -- ($155,543,293)

Monsters University -- $2,800,000 -- ($736,257,030)

Among animation releases, only Monsters University seems to be running out of gas on the theatrical circuit. But that only stands to reason, since its release date is the furthers back of any of the Big Five, shown above.

It's interesting to note that although Smurfs 2 is labeled a "disappointment" by some of the entertainment media, the picture has collected over $300 million worldwide and clearly has momentum outside the U.S. of A.

From the Mojo:

The foreign box office was dominated by a few family movies. The Smurfs 2 led the way with $14.1 million; it added $5.3 million in its second weekend in China, and opened to a solid $2.8 million in Italy. To date, The Smurfs 2 has earned $238.4 million overseas.

DreamWorks Animation's Turbo fueled up with $12.4 million this weekend, a huge part of which came from its $9.8 million debut in China. It also opened to $1.4 million in Australia. Both of these debuts are fine, though neither are big enough to save this major disappointment — so far, Turbo has only grossed $91.6 million overseas.

Despicable Me 2 added $10.3 million from 41 markets this weekend. The animated sequel had a strong $6.3 million debut in Japan, and will likely play well there over the next few weeks (animated movies tend to have excellent holds in this market). Despicable Me 2 has now earned $493.3 million overseas; including its domestic tally, it's made an incredible $854 million worldwide. ...


David said...

Interesting how you choose to characterize the performance of films from different studios ... according to you Turbo continues to "zoom along" with a cumulative gross of $173,229,335 (against a budget of $135 million ... it needs to do a lot more zooming to merely break even , let alone make a profit), but Monster's University (with cumulative gross of $736,257,030 is "running out of gas".

Steve Hulett said...


I'm referring to the foreign grosses for the current week. MU has been in release a long time, and Turbo outgrossed it overseas. Turbo, in fact, was the second highest grosser for an animated feature in foreign lands last week. MU is pretty much at the end of its run.

The weekly grosses were what I was referring to. Obviously Monsters University has been a BIG grosser over the life of its release, while Turbo has been an under-performer. I have pointed out in past posts that the snail has done about half (now about 56%) of what Rise of the Guardians did last year.

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