Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Following in Walt's Footsteps

But doesn't every self-respecting Hollywood mogul?

DreamWorks Animation (DWA) is dropping the "animation" part of its name in its year-old China joint venture, with word of a major new expansion that underscores the Chinese film market's growing clout. ... Media are citing Oriental DreamWorks' Production Chief Joe Aguilar as saying the joint venture, whose partners include leading Shanghai media company SMG, will significantly expand its scope to also include live-action TV and movies both for the Chinese market and for export.

I've thought for awhile that DWA would -- wooner or later -- follow the Disney playbook of expanding from animation to amusement parks and live-action product. It's an obvious progression. And if it worked for Mr. Disney, why wouldn't it work for Mr. Katzenberg?

I mean, Jeffrey K. got to observe how the interlocking parts worked when he ran the Mouse's studio. So he knows what his animation studios has to do going forward.


Unknown said...

I remember when they took the word 'Animation" off of the Dreamworks entrance on Flower St

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