Monday, September 09, 2013

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This morning I talked to an aspiring board artist, fresh from out of state, here to look for work.

I told him there was work, quite a lot of work, but the pickings are slimmer than they were in the go-go 1990s. "So where do I look?" he asked. I said anywhere and everywhere.

"If you get hired, they'll put you on a show, work you for five to eight months, lay you off as needed. No studio carries people anymore. All of them lay people off as soon as the project's done." But, I said, there are quite a lot of projects (to wit):

Adult Swim said it would launch six new series along with two specials over the next programming year, and would acquire animated Fox series Bob’s Burgers to help bolster its schedule. Two of the new entries are live-action quarter-hour series, further broadening the net beyond animated fare. ...

But there is still a poopload of animated fare.

It's a different market now. Series orders of eight or thirteen half-hours are the new rule, then laoffs and a lengthy wait to see what sticks to the broadcast (or cable) wall. Then maybe a rehire.

Nobody sticks around long anymore. At ADHD in Hollywood, which pays sub-par wages and no benefits, they are already laying people off from one of their (recently-aired) shows.


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