Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Other Crossover

Oh yes. Here's the other animator-to-live-action-director story.

“Dads.” [exec-produced by Seth MacFarlane], has made plenty of noise before it’s ever even aired — though Fox wants you to know that preeminent noise at the live tapings is laughter.

Still, the new comedy, which stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as two successful 30-somethings who’s nightmarish fathers move in with them, has seemingly gotten most of its press for what some critics say are racist scenes in the pilot episode. ...

Like Brad Bird in his maiden live-action outing, Mr. MacFarlane directed a smash hit. He's since directed his second live-action feature, and is an executive producer of Dads premiering within days. He's taken a lot of flak for "racist" content in the new live-action sit-com, but it strikes me that the humor and dialogue tracks the cartoon shows.

Of course, having a flesh-and-blood actor spout the kinds of lines that Peter Griffin belches out might seem a tad more ... raw. But we will shortly see how the television audience reacts to Seth M.'s latest creation.


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