Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Phone Distribution

It's not just the t.v. and the movie screen anymore.

Angry Birds creator Rovio said its new ToonsTV animation channel has surpassed 1 billion views, demonstrating that entertainment distributed through a mobile game application represents a powerful new way to reach viewers.

Seven months after launching "Angry Birds Toons" through its popular game app, Rovio Entertainment said the company has achieved the viewing milestone. The Finnish company said it would create a second season of "Angry Birds Toons" for 2014, as well as spinoffs dedicated to other game characters, Bad Piggies and Stella, the pink bird.

Rovio launched the "Angry Birds Toons" series in March through its game app as well as through Internet-connected smart TVs and devices.

Methods of distribution grow day by day. In the dim and distant past, there was the neighborhood Bijou and six or seven television channels, and that was about it. Farmer Alfalfa and Felix the Cat were what kids watched early on a Saturday morning before Mom and Dad got up.

Felix, the farm report, and test patterns were the choices a five-year-old had. Most five-year-olds opted for Felix.


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