Sunday, September 22, 2013


If you're a veteran gamer ... or have kids who are vets, this will (maybe) strike a chord:

I used to stand in the arcades of long ago (fifteen years back? Could it be that long?) and watch our younger urchin play video games quite similar to this.

... What makes Coin so special is that it subtly references a dump truck's worth of video game references. Of course there's "Double Dragon" and "Portal", those two are super obvious (along with "Super Mario Bros"). But you also have "Battletoads", "Mega Man", "Legend of Zelda", even "King of Fighters". ...

Most of the above names are unknown to me, but the action and character types are very known.

Because for long stretches on weekends I peered over a seven-year-old's shoulder thinking: "So how much longer is he going to play this g.d game with one g.d.quarter? We can't stay at Fudrucker's 'til freaking midnight. I've got g.d. work tomorrow." ...


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