Monday, February 24, 2014

As Went Walt, So Goes Jeffrey

As we've noted before, DreamWorks Animation is pivoting from its original business a bit.

... Fans of “Shrek” will now be able to visit the green ogre’s swamp and fairy tale kingdom as part of a U.K. based attraction.

The upcoming London theme world is the first of six attractions based on the animated film series that will be constructed over the next nine years as part of a deal between producer DreamWorks Animation and Merlin Entertainments, the British operator of visitor attractions such as Madame Tussauds and Legoland.

The attraction will be called Shrek’s Far Far Away Adventure and will open in summer 2015, the partners said. Its debut comes just ahead of the film’s 15th anniversary and is another example of DreamWorks Animation’s push to diversify away from purely releasing feature films and into television, consumer products and other businesses. ...

This was something that had to happen for DreamWork's Animation long-term viability. If Disney hadn't branched out from animation all those years ago, Diz Co. wouldn't exist today.

Studios have to adapt, morph and grow, or they perish.


Unknown said...

You mean, "As Went John Lasseter, so goes Jeffrey."

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