Monday, February 10, 2014

More Animation Jobs In L.A. ??

This looks encouraging:

The movie -- based on the Monkey King legend -- is the first title from the newly formed Aquamen Entertainment, which will be based in L.A.

A collective run by Internet mogul Robin Li -- China's richest man -- is backing a new film production venture that will be run by Korean filmmaker Jeongjung Kim and Chinese producer Gary Zhang.

The first title from Aquamen Entertainment is the 3D CGI tentpole Kong, based on the famous Chinese Monkey King Legend and intended to be one of the largest Asian animated projects ever mounted. Kong will be developed in association with a Korean animation studio, although Kim and Zhang intend to hire a Hollywood director.

Aquamen is based in Los Los Angeles. ...

We don't know how much staffing there will be in L.A., but an educated guess would point to pre-production and design work, with the bulk of production being done in the Middle Kingdom.

An assumption, but assumptions (at this point) are what we're going on. Aquamen (Inc.?) is not under a guild contract.



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