Sunday, February 16, 2014

One More Award

... on the way to the Oscar.

Frozen has won the Bafta for animated film, following its ascendency to becoming one of the most successful Disney films of all time, taking nearly a billion dollars at the global box office. It beat Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University to the award. ...

The surprise will be if some other feature wins.


Unknown said...

After seeing Tangled & Wreck-It Ralph robbed of Oscars for Best Song & Best Animated Feature in their respected years, I have a bad feeling Frozen will be next. The Academy will probably give it to Miyazaki or Despicable Me 2. Then give Best Song to the Mandela film or Pharrell for Happy. I hope i'm wrong, but it just doesn't look like it will happen.

David said...

Wreck It Ralph was a well made movie and deserved the Oscar. Frozen , not so much. It's riding a wave of hype. Frozen is "pretty" , the animation is solidly crafted (what else do you expect?) , but not much else to it . Songs were mediocre , characters trite , even annoying at times ("whoa, what ?" ... yikes, how many times can characters say that phrase in one movie ? Well, a lot , I guess. Someone at Disney really likes that "whoa, what?" business ).

Unknown said...

But what about the other films David. The Wind Rises is Miyazaki's lowest grossing film since 1998's Princess Mononoke. It's clearly no Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle. Even Ponyo was a bigger hit! Despicable Me 2?! The 1st film in 2010 wasn't even nominated, but this is? The Minions are the definition of "over-hyped"! The Croods, while a decent film clearly had no kind of impact, no one even remembed this film til Dreamworks started pushing it during awards season.

And while you say Frozen is mediocre, that basically was Pixar's Brave last year. That film gave over hype a new meaning. Most say Wreck-It Ralph & Paranorman were the best animated films of 2012.

Even Toy Story 3 was over-hyped! That film rode 15 years of nostalgia for it's overblown success.

David said...

"The Wind Rises is Miyazaki's lowest grossing film since 1998's Princess Mononoke. It's clearly no Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle. Even Ponyo was a bigger hit!"

What does the box-office gross or being a "hit" have to do with whether a film is worthy of Best Animated Feature Film honors ? That's how you esteem a film ?! Plenty of great films have not necessarily been big box-office hits on first release and the opposite is true: some huge box-office hits have been mediocre films (Titanic) . I haven't had the opportunity to see The Wind Rises yet , but my estimation of whether it is worthy of being named Best Animated Feature Film has nothing to do with the box-office gross.

Unknown said...

True, but what i've heard of the film is it's controversy. From the Boston Globle Mark Feeney

"Jiro Horikoshi’s best-known airplane design is the chief Japanese fighter plane of World War II, the Zero. Such a subject, coming at a time when a conservative Japanese government has expressed a desire to strengthen the nation’s military, has inspired consternation, at best, and outright protests, at worst. And Miyazaki’s been attacked by conservatives for the skepticism the film expresses about Japanese militarism and for similar comments he’s made to the press. If that weren’t enough, “Wind” has also drawn criticism for how frequently its characters smoke."

While the film my be good, this clearly isn't presenting the film in a positive light & may rub some people the wrong way. It's to political.

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