Thursday, February 27, 2014

Documentary of The End

I was at DreamWorks Animation this morning, walking through the first floor. One of the artists asked me to put this up.

It's already been up and around a couple of days, but I said I would. ...

The problem for any visual effects/ animation studio who performs work for movie conglomerates is, they aren't (in most cases) content creators. What hey are is job shops. A conglomerate gives them a fee to make a product, and if they're are big overruns or production hiccups along the way, they're on the hook for a budget that no longer works (if it ever worked at all.)

And so they're screwed.

That's the Rhythm and Hues story in a nutshell, but also the story of a number of small studios that have risen to prominence, then seen the marketplace change, and crash in flames.

Studios that don't (can't?) control their own destines, usually meet sad ends. Rhythm and Hues is simply one of the latest victims of the current skewed marketplace.


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