Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Once More Into the Prime TIme

... dear friends.

Ali Waller, of “American Dad” fame, also strengthens network ties as writer/exec producer

Zooey Deschanel’s ties with Fox just got a half-hour deeper.

The “New Girl” star will executive produce the half-hour animated workplace comedy “Queen of Everything” for the network.

The show is a modern fairytale about an evil queen who realizes that running a Queendom isn’t easy when you have no people skills and everyone hates you. But with a little help from her staff, she will try to change her ways.

Ali Waller (“American Dad,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”) will write and executive produce the Twentieth Century Fox Television project. Sophia Rossi will also exec produce. ...

Why Fox Broadcasting is the only on-air network that distributes (and profits from) prime-time animated half-hours is a question best answered by people fifty i.q. points smarter than I am.

Because I've been confused and befuddled over it for years.


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