Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Tell Us Your Experience With Yurcor In NYC!

In late 2011, I became aware of unusual and unexplained deductions from the paychecks of visual effects artists working at The Mill in Santa Monica. Subsequently, I learned about Yurcor and its “Employer of Record” services for The Mill. The more I learned, the more I questioned whether the deductions were lawful. I wrote a few posts about the situation and perhaps you read them.

This spurred quite a few artists, who worked for VFX houses using Yurcor’s “Employer of Record” services, on both coasts to contact me. A few artists in California indicated they were willing to take action on behalf of their peers to recover the amounts deducted, and I helped them to get started doing so. Those individuals brought a class-action lawsuit against the Mill and Yurcor with respect to their California employees. That case has been tentatively settled subject to final court approval, which is currently scheduled for April.

The New York artists originally voiced many of the same complaints made in California, but added that the practice was much more prevalent in NYC. We are now ready, willing and able to help New York artists.

If you’re a New York artist who has worked through Yurcor and interested in attempting to recover questionable deductions made by Yurcor, please fill out the form linked below. Even if you have already done so, please fill it out again now so we can be sure our information is up to date. I will get back to you very soon.

Animation Guild NYC Yurcor Form


Dave Rand said...

Great job guys and a great service to the artists. This will not be forgotten.

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