Monday, February 10, 2014

Remembering Our Own


In one week and six days the Animation Community will come together for the 20th edition of THE AFTERNOON OF REMEMBRANCE. It's our annual non-denominational celebration of all our friends who passed away the previous year.

In Memoriam 2013.

1. Gerry Anderson ( creator of Thunderbirds)
2. Andreas von Andrian ( animator)
3. Frederic’ Back ( French-Canadian filmmaker)
4. Toby Bluth ( art director)
5. Martha Buckley (checker)
6. Reed Cardwell (assistant animator)
7. Ron Dias (art director)
8. Diane Disney Miller ( Daughter of Walt, Philantropist)
9. Terri Eddings (Xerox)
10. Bob Godfrey (British animation director)
11. Denise Greenwalt ( Disney publicity)
12. Marcella Hahn (anim stock Librarian H&B)
13. Ray Harryhausen ( famed stop-motion VFX animator)
14. Lee Hartman (animator)
15. Tenny Henson (storyboard)
16. Eric Heschong (BG artist)
17. Nicholas Hoppe (effects animator)
18. Ray Jacobs (Layout)
19. Irv Kaplan ( HeMan art director, color stylist)
20. Bob Kirk (animator)
21. Apryl Knobbe ( Digital Matte Painter Sony)
22. Zina Nicole Lahr ( Stop Motion artist)
23. Jay Lawton ( Editor)
24. Ed Levitt (layout)
25. Shirley Mapes (ink & paint)
26. Tom McLaughlin (animator)
27. Charlene Miller (Xerox checker)
28. Armen Mirzarian (storyboard)
29. Ellen Moran ( WETA co-Producer of the Hobbitt)
30. Mitzi Mucerino (ink & paint)
31. Don Nelson (writer)
32. Karen Petersen (TV anim director)
33. Eleanore Pickett (checker)
34. Lois Ryker (ink & paint)
35. Jesse Santos (character designer)
36. Lou Scarborough (animator)
37. Lou Scheimer (Filmation Studio head)
38. Eva Schneider (assistant animator)
39. Harald Seiperman (Animator, story artist)
40. Kevin Traxler (Disney Production)
41. Hetta Van Elk (ink & paint)
42. Dardo Velez (animator)
43. Petros Vlahos (developer of Blue Screen matte technique)
44. Marcia Wallace (Simpsons voice actor)
45. Harold Whitaker (UK animator, author)
46. John Wilson (UPA director)
47. Jonathan Winters (actor, comedian)
48. Dora Yakutis (ink & paint)

This year the memorial is at

The Animation Guild, 1105 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank. Feb 23rd Sunday.

We'll have light refreshments starting at noon, then the speakers begin at 1:00PM.

It's an informative and interesting event that is free to all. In past years Chuck Jones came to speak about Friz Freleng, and Ollie Johnston spoke about Marc Davis. If you'd like to speak on behalf of one of your friends, please let me know.

See you there.

-- Tom Sito


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