Monday, February 17, 2014


It's animated! It's Star Wars!.

It's Diz Co.! Exploiting all parts of the empire to the max!


Matthew said...

While it's good to see the classic Tie Fighter Star-Ship design back in action up on the screen, I can only hold a deflated level of optimism for any Star Wars film or tv series.

The reasoning for which (here bellow) were originally aimed at this linked video, but I feel apply equally to other content & franchises (DC & Marvel Super Heroes, etc) as well...

Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2011 Cinematic Intro Trailer
I just find it sad that they are apparently so inept that they continually have to re-tread and re-reference old story elements, music aspects, environments, characters and scenarios from the StarWars franchise.

It’s not “smart” logic, it’s dumb logic, because it becomes this inbred, tedious, cyclical kinda thing that smacks of lost potential.

They do exactly the same thing with the current StarWars the Clone Wars TV series. And it really diminishes the importance of the characters (both old & new), their actions, their stories and the consequences, because it just becomes more of the same kind of (or far too familiar) a thing.

Does this look 'cool'? Is it slick? Is it eye candy? Did many brave animators “die” making this thing? Sure! But what does it Add to the StarWars universe?

I loved StarWars, Indiana Jones, TinTin and all those things... just not in these degenerate forms.

Degenerate from the perspective of authenticity, inventiveness or expanding on the StarWars universe in a meaningful and refreshing way.

It’s not hard to make visual improvements on something in 30+ years, or even 5 years for that matter.
But it’s also NOT HARD to actually attempt to grow and expand elements of this universe beyond what we’ve already come to know.

But I guess that'd be too “risky” and hey… this licensing stuff is all about the money money money.

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