Sunday, February 09, 2014

Get Better, Martha

One of the hearty pioneers of animation has (apparently) encountered a couple of wee bumps. As executive board member Bronwen Barry relates:

... Martha Sigall, who celebrates her 97th birthday in a couple of months, had a few nasty falls last week! I am delighted to report that she's doing really well and on the mend in a West LA rehab facility-- She suffered a slight fracture to her tailbone(HER FIRST EVER BROKEN BONE!!) -- so will take awhile to heal..

I visited her today, and I must say, the facility is top notch..She's getting splendid care..WE LOVE YOU MARTHA!!! ...

Martha Sigall, for those who don't know, started at Leon Schlesigner's small studio in the 1930s. She was working at Schelsinger's (otherwise known as "Termite Terrace") at the dawn of unionized animation, and was a victim (recipient?) of the Schlesinger lockout, the labor dust-up that Chuck Jones described as "our own little six day war."


Chris Sobieniak said...

Sad to hear of Martha's health, I hope for the best for her.

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