Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gee. Who's Gonna Win the VFX Oscar?

Last night.

"Gravity" wins six awards on a night that begins with Patton Oswalt’s greeting, “Welcome to the first annual ‘Gravity’ Awards!”

The force of “Gravity” was overwhelming on Wednesday night at the Visual Effects Society’s 12th annual VES Awards, as the film won six awards and dominated the feature-film categories on the way to what could be an easy visual-effects win at the Oscars in two-and-a-half weeks.

Alfonso Cuaron’s spectacle set in Earth orbit won in six out of the seven categories in which it was eligible, including Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Feature Motion Picture, the category that most closely corresponds to the Oscar’ Best Visual Effects category. ...

No nail-biting suspense in the Visual Effects category for the Oscars, is there?

I think of Gravity as an animated feature. (When the supervsiors of the flick says "It's 80% animated," what else can it be?)

SO consider: If nominee Bullock wins for "Best Actress," it will be the first time there's been a Best Actress winner performing in an animated feature.

And if the nominated feature Gravity wins for Best Picture, it will be the first time an ANIMATED movie has picked up the award.


Kevin Williams said...

Please save the Best Picture is Animated comments for AFTER it wins. No sense in discouraging voters. Then we will pop champagne and roll around in our beds of money.

Grant said...

Except it won't win best picture. It's just not that good. Even for a cartoon.

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