Tuesday, April 22, 2014

At DreamWorks Animation, TV Division

Today I spent part of my morning in the Unum Insurance skyscraper in Glendale, where DreamWorks Animation's television group continues to expand, grown from one floor to two. And next week three. ...

DWA TV has taken over a total of four floors in the building, two near the top and two near the mid-section. One floor is filled to the brim with artists and tech directors working on the previously announced King Julien (a Madagascar spin-off), Puss in Boots (from Shrek) and Veggie Tales in the House.

There's also a bunch of other series and pilots happening, but since they haven't (so far as I know) been announced, and I've got no desire to get angry phone calls from DWA managers, I will keep the titles and subject matter to myself.

As for the physical plant, one floor is bursting at the seams with execs, techies and artists, one floor is beginning to fill up (although it's still pretty empty) with newer shows I don't think have been announced yet, and yet another floor will have crew from Dragons, Defenders of Berk coming over from their Ventura Boulevard digs in Studio City. (I'm told that starts to happen next week. The crew has a bunch of new episodes to produce, and will be continuing at full speed.)

Elsewhere in and around DWA:

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is just a few months away from its release and DreamWorks Animation has released the first five minutes of the most awaited animation movie during a special presentation at Wonder Con.

The first five minutes of the forthcoming sequel reintroduces Hiccup and his dragon friend Toothless in breathtaking scenes including delightful dragons racing and some dangerous skydives.

The first instalment of the 3D animation movie was the highest earner for Dreamworks and its sequel has created enough buzz already. ...

The t.v. series Dragons: Defenders of Berk is designed to mesh with the theatrical versions of the continuing story.


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