Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meanwhile Overseas

The Macaws zoom right along.

Rio 2, now in 65 markets, had its biggest weekend yet with $63.5 million, bringing the animation’s total to $125.6 million internationally. That’s definitely on the right track for both Blue Sky and Fox with already $171.8 million worldwide, just about doubling the sequel’s $103 million production budget.

Rio 2 had its best debut in China, in 2nd place with $12.6 million. Among the last big markets that have yet to open the animation, we have South Korea, Poland and Japan, all coming in May. Ultimately Rio 2 should end up somewhere between $450 and $500 million worldwide, more or less around the final tally of Rio, $484.6 million. ...

If Fox can continue making $500 million on a $100 million budget, then Fox will continue in the theatrical animation business.


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