Friday, April 18, 2014

Mychal Simka -- TAG Interview

TAG Interview with Mychal Symka

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Mychal Simka resides in a somewhat different space than many animation creators. He rewrites and reconfigures animated features, turning them into different movies ...

Mychal was raised in Anaheim, and his mother worked at Disneyland for a lot of years. (Mr. Simka went to the park a lot as a kid, and continues to visit regularly.) With that background, you might expect he would have ended up animating at Disney Feature animation ... or maybe storyboarding.

Nope. Instead, he became a casting director, and then found his way into animated features as a writer and voice director. He talks about both those things, plus the world marketplace for lower budget CG features in this TAG pocast.


Chris Sobieniak said...

I guess to borrow from the anime community, his job is essentially a "dubber" as I put it. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but there are people of a certain type who get turned off by the slightest mention of something being "dubbed" in their language simply because they have to act all snooty about it. I may have to use this interview as an example when they start at it again!

Steve Hulett said...

Fox-Blue Sky has turned dubbing into an art form.

Take the Ice Age franchise. Fox gooses foreign revenues by doing slick re-dubs with stars in various host countries -- Brazil, France, Germany -- think of a nation, and Fox News Corp. is there with local "names" laying down new voice tracks.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Yeah, I suppose that's one positive matter about it, especially when your company is as multi-national as them.

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