Monday, April 14, 2014

Mining the Vault

Nobody likes sequels. But everybody loves remakes.

Cinderella -- This one started out as a project directed by Mark Romanek, previously responsible for One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go. He's been replaced by Kenneth Branagh, and the film will be in cinemas in March next year.

Pete's Dragon -- The 1977 live-action/animation hybrid, about an orphan boy and his big cartoon dragon, is set for a remake.

The Jungle Book -- Disney's version already has a release date pencilled in for October next year, with Jon Favreau directing the live-action/CGI hybrid. We also have some encouraging casting news, with Idris Elba having signed up to lend his dulcet tones to Shere Khan. ...

Then, of course:

Originality. It's a good thing. But not in Hollywood.


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